Rust Developer

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rust Developer

Job description

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to work on open source software? Are you an excellent Rust developer? If so, we would like to meet you. You can find more information on our hiring process on our website:

We want you to excel, which is why we can offer you to

  • never get bored! We develop bleeding-edge technology, but don't tolerate bullshit
  • have a large influence on the direction of summitto
  • earn a competitive salary with stock options
  • get access to the latest and best equipment
  • experience rapid technical and personal development
  • work with us in Amsterdam, a fun and always vibrant city!

We also excitedly share our technical discoveries. If you're able to teach us a new vim trick, you'll earn a lot of points here! If you are an excellent software engineer with a proven track record of building secure and scalable software, we would love to meet you.

About our software

You will get to work on bleeding-edge technology, with new groundbreaking challenges to solve every day. Think of:

  • Keeping our P2P networking infrastructure secure
  • Inventing fraud-identification algorithms and making existing ones more efficient
  • Getting into the nitty-gritty of scalable signature creation and verification
  • Refining the testing infrastructure of our distributed database

Most of our software is built in C++, but over the next years we are going to implement several new pieces of important infrastructure in Rust. We also use Golang and Python for small web services and for our testing suite. We use the best tools for the job, and when those involve different languages and frameworks, we don't shy away from the challenge.

Job requirements

We're looking for junior/senior engineers who:

  • enjoy challenging projects
  • are either part-time or full-time available
  • have experience coding in Rust
  • want to change the world for the better by developing open source software